“Boosting EU economy through training of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) advisors” is a program with the aim to increase foreign investments by developing a unique training program which will equip FDI advisors with all the relevant knowledge, skills and competences needed to provide all in one support for internationalization and relocation of foreign investors in one place.


Objectives of the program:

  • To improve quality and access to vocational education and training,
  • To improve knowledge and skills of employees in relevant consulting companies,
  • To improve employability of adult learners.


Based on the extensive international survey, we developed a training program with learning materials for mentors, training program with learning materials for FDI advisors, and initiatives to include FDI advisors’ training program into national educational schemes in Slovenia and Cyprus.


International dimension, ensured by consortium of partners and other relevant organizations from Slovenia (Replika d.o.o., Visoka šola za poslovne vede B2), Croatia (Visoka poslova škola PAR, Magnet d.o.o.) and Cyprus (EuroSC Ltd), enriches the program by broader overview, comparison and understanding of foreign investors’ needs.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.